Motivation Station

14 Jun


Everything we need to succeed is within; sometimes we rely a greater source to call forth these special powers and abilities. Consequently, say こんにいちは (konnichiwa) to my Motivation Station where a certain Mr. Miyagi sternly captains a squadron of fearless 達磨 (daruma). While Miyagi harks back to my childhood of looking up to the 空手 (karate) and盆栽(bonsai) 先生 (sensei), the daruma are a reminder of my cultural awakening in 日本 (Japan), and the variety of colors symbolize the innocence of my imagination. Each daruma represents a picture book I will be submitting to prospective agents and publishers. Once I begin the quest, as the tradition insists, I must color in one eye. Then when this leg of the journey is complete with an acceptance letter I may color in the second eye.

My motivational militia is the final sight my eyes spy before submitting to the night in hopes the  (baku) will munch away my nightmares. It’s also the second sight I gaze upon (one must always cherish his/her spouse first) before embarking on another day. Sure, to some these are merely five little toys, but to me they are a beautiful reminder of a dream deferred and a reality that awaits.

What is your Motivation Station?


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