Not Again! When Images Attack 2

19 Nov

Here I was, pleasantly gnawing my way through a peanut butter chip pancake, when I came across an image of a barracuda. According to my friends at Wikipedia, it’s a BIG fish. Now since it is Picture Book Idea Month, the children’s writer in me took over. “Hmmm… a barracuda… how can we play with this? BARracuda… a bar-tending fish? Not so child appropriate. How about… bear…. bearracuda! Same sound, but different spelling. Talk about a ‘homophone party!’ Certainly someone has done this before?” And just like I do with every idea… I went searching to see if it had been done before. Oh my noodles, it has been done… just not in a picture book – something else entirely. Sadly, this wasn’t the image I discovered first. bearracuda_by_icon109-d3vnx0w This is ‘what’ I found… BearracudaImage I had no idea that the term ‘bearracuda’ has been used to promote a night of fun for large hairy men. See for yourself, please note this site is NOT appropriate for children and/or closed-minded individuals. But then the business man in me kicked in. If this is a buzzword within the gay and lesbian community, surely many will come across my book by ‘mistake,’ (much like I found the website above) and maybe they’ll purchase the book anyway. Hmmm. The moral of the story is… Bearracuda won’t be the name of one of my picture books. Though, as a salute of respect to those with so-called ‘other’ lifestyles, a bearracuda will certainly have to make a guest appearance in an upcoming book.

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