21 Feb

It’s a lot of funs!

Handsome Me

Birds of a feather fart together!

What if a bird doesn’t have feathers, who do they flock with?

Parachuting Poop

There’s nothing strange about being strange.

It was the very last can of Jobber Juice, and it’s still for sale.

Hello Woofie

I may not know your name. But I know more than that. I know who you are. You’re a reader! The smartest and bravest type there is.

The Compound: Where Lonely Words Find a Friend

Like finding a strand of hay in a pile of needles.

Rickie was dead. But like everyone in Afterlife, he had to pay his bills. So Rickie worked as an auditor in the Department of Curses and Hexes.

Q: What would you do with one million dollars?

  • “Fly one million planes.”
  • “Start a bonfire,” said the billionaire.
  • “Donate it to science to help find a cure for homework.”
  • “I would make a milkshake. The world’s biggest vanilla and sprinkles milkshake.”
  • “Give 999,999 children 100 cents, bury 99 pennies around the world, and tape the last penny to my heart.”

Neighborly Donuts

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