14 Feb

The old train had a heart of coal.

What if night lights were afraid of the dark.

Can you ship a ship? Fence on a fence? Duck behind a duck?

Citizen Snakes and Pedestrian Penguins

Wild Bore

Inverted Kangaroos jump down and up.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good morning,” said the tardy Santa.

Do chimney companies measure Santa’s waist to make sure their products are ‘Christmas’ friendly?

Short Sleeve Pants

There’s no adults until… the bill comes.

Bathroom Bowling

Queen Benjamin

Barthlemoo Blasphemous

The Balding Lion

There was once a girl allergic to snow.

The Baby Fields

‘Pigs in a Blanket,’  ‘Submarine Sandwitche,’ and ‘Caesar Salad,’ are popular recipes in the “Giant’s Cookbook.”


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