7 Feb

Twice Upon A Time

His doodles of noodles were glossy and saucy.

The bulldozers arrived and cleared out the forest. They took out the trees. They took out the bushes, the grass, and even the weeds. They even dried up the brook and blew the hovering clouds away. All that remained was an big angry bear asleep in his cave. When he woke up he found himself not at the bottom of a chirping hill but next to an above ground pool full of splashing youngsters.

She wore a donut for a ring.

Meredith had four toilets. One for peeing. One for pooping. One for reading. And the last one was for all three.

Next to the bed, General Georgie had a civil war canon. It pointed towards that mysterious closet. If Georgie heard one shake, one mumble, or two rattles he would light that canon and…BOOM! Broccoli, asparagus, and liver beans would furiously fly into the dim night towards the creaky closet door.

“You have nowhere to go, but everywhere!”

Everything that says goodbye gets to say hello.

Now who on earth would buy a frown, well I know who.

Every morning for breakfast the vile troll ate five hard-boiled vulture eggs and toast with fairy dust.

Foot me down socks.


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