31 Jan

What happens to a dream when it comes true?

Bippity Boppity Burp

Glue sticks & scones may dirty my phone, but no one ever calls me.

Yellow Wheeled Road

Buster McMilliewart

“I’m sitting on a turtle waiting for him to move.”

The Censor Ship sailed the waters of intolerance.

Why doesn’t the toilet say thank you?

  • Q: How do giants iron their clothes?
  • A: They use steam engines.

The Home Run Delivery Boy

To save their pork, the three little pigs should have bought the Big Bad Wolf Weight Watchers.

Pierson went to the Cloud Bank.

Mary had a little Mary. The lamb was jealous.

  • There’s something I should tell you
  • Something I need to say
  • It’s awfully quite important
  • Let’s get it out of the way…
  • “I have nothing more to say”

The Ghost Eater finished Timothy’s asparagus stew for a nominal fee.

Tommy Two Ways walks on his feet and runs on his hands. He talks with his mouth and giggles with his butt.

The Cookie Jar Genie

“Is the real Mickey Mouse inside that costume?”

With every slither, sway, and swoodle the coloring snakes painted the earth.

I asked the sun to stay.


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