17 Jan

Boogerless Bo

This was no ordinary baby. At only one day, 7 hours, and 14 minutes old this baby had a biography longer than a parade of caterpillars.

The Food Chain Buffet

Catering Cats and Dining Dogs

Sir Good Sir

Honest Babe

The Pet School never had a human student before.

A look into this pond would reveal your shadow. But not today’s shadow. Nor yesterday’s shadow. This pond would reveal the shadow of your future. So when Bindel saw nothing…

Cursor had a way with putting his arrows in the right places.

My brother the bowling ball.

1,024 Reasons to Love Me

The seashell sold other seashells by the seashore.

Chuckling Wood

Q: Why does it rain?  /  A: Giants need to shower too

One person screamed. Then two. Then three. And four more. Suddenly everyone was screaming. But not the alien. He zapped the giant rat. One person clapped. Then two. Then three. And four more. Suddenly, everyone was clapping. But not the alien.

The ancient Chinese believed evil could linger within dolls. So one by one they plunged straw dolls into the river. But what if one was innocent? Where did it go? What did it do?

Wubbly, Fubbly, Bubbly


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