10 Jan

It snowed on Sally’s sundae. She didn’t notice.

Above the trees, below the clouds, they were circling. Three hungry vultures flapped their wings following Timmy’s every move. They knew Timmy would soon ‘grow up’ and they were ready to ravage the leftovers of his innocence.

The giant slurped up every last drop of water in the pond then spit it up into the clouds. As fish bounced about the muddy floor, the giant ripped a milk truck in half and filled the entire pond. Then with a bulldozer as a spoon, he enjoyed his fish cereal.

Do volcanoes hibernate in winter?

While bears hibernate all winter long in caves, their shadows stay awake and roam the forests feasting on the shadows of berries.

Scratch and Sniff, the family’s cat and dog.

Finward the Bronzefish skipped over silver and turned straight into gold!

The children were flushing their boatlets across the lake.


A dog breeder is a cupid for canines.

The Wherewolf helped the lost children find their way home.

Morris Code had a secret way of talking.

8 Days of Christmas

Unrecorded by history a second golem was built. The goofem!

Ooopsy Doopsie

But Donny wasn’t able to make a withdrawal at the food bank.

My daddy is a taxidermist. He turns dead animals into living statues. I’m the only kid with a real stuffed bear. I pull it in my wagon. It smells funny.

The recovering vampire sipped tomato soup.

Candy Corn on the Cob

What if your pet puppy smoked cigarettes?

Neptune reached for his rainbow and arrows.

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  1. Danny January 10, 2013 at 7:26 am #

    danny was here

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