3 Jan

With only one nostril Klard had a bird’s beak smell of things.

The Zombie Princess scooped her Brainios cereal with a silver spoon.

The Tooth Store

To thwart a parade of party crashing ants, Maggie and Mitchell decided to invite a family of ants to their picnic. When unwanted guests approached the blanket they could see that some of their own had been welcomed to the feast and elected to respect their privacy.

The Pink Leprechaun

The giant had a birdcage for an earring with a live parrot inside. In case the giant couldn’t hear, the parrot repeated what was said.

Sorry’s, please’s, and thank you’s come from the heart. Bad behaviors come from the same place as farts, the backside of your underpants!

Q: Why are some clouds black?  / A: Black clouds are dirty because a giant used them as shower sponges.

Q: What’s a fairie’s favorite soda?  /  A: Sprite

The Vice King

Jeremy learned the wet way, “never ever pee in a dream.”

When the baby arrived, there was one less hug for Edmund. But also one less whisper to the plant, one less pet of the dog’s fur, one less flick of the remote.

Air Hog Day

On the 13th Day of Christmas…

Carla couldn’t believe it! Her new baby sister was bigger, taller, and older than her!

Father Goose Tries to Tell a Tale



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