27 Dec

Luke couldn’t afford a yellow headband so he stapled a bunch of banana peels to his forehead.

In swamp bathrooms, Crocodillies dry their hands first to clean them and then wash their hands to dry (wet) them.

William wondered what was in a woman’s womb. Was it like a school gymnasium? Or rather like a waiting room at the doctor’s, filled with old wrinkly magazines? Perhaps it was none of those at all, and instead an assembly line industrially piecing together each vein, bone, and fingernail.

The Bugle Bee stung me with trumpeting tunes.

Lazy Lenard hated to wash his family’s car. So instead he watched the weather forecast on the TV news and the night before a storm he would rub soap all over the car. And in the morning, the rain would have washed the car for him!

Deedle Twee and Dudle Tweem

Conner could have finished the race with a shiny medal around his neck, but he didn’t. He came in last place. Others wondered why. “Is it so you can study the other runners?” asked a girl. “Is it because you’re afraid of hearing footsteps behind you?” asked a boy. But it is both and neither of them for Conner enjoyed a nice jog. Though he especially marvelled at hearing the pursuit of a runner from behind. Their shoelace tips thrashing at the plastic sides of their sneakers, and the wiping of sweat from their forehead like a windshield wiper in the rain. Then witnessing them emerge infront of him and advance towards the next runner was a sight Conner relished. Some suggested he watch the race, but it was only when his feet left the ground did he feel alive and apart of something.

Arsenal the Air Worm


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