20 Dec

In the Land of Opposites, people do push-downs to stay in shape.

Why did the fox cross the road?  /   To eat the chicken.

Knock knock  /  Who’s there?  /  Doorbell repairman.

“I’m Mr. French Toast. Here’s my business card.” It was a scratch-n-sniff. Swirls of maple syrup and cinnamon danced up his nostrils.

The celebrity plants prominently paraded down the green carpet.

The Hornless Hippo didn’t mind.

All the Z names were taken, so they named him Bob the Zebra.

Every year Frederick fell victim to April Fools Day. But not this year. Frederick made 3 1/2 peanut butter and diet jelly sandwiches, borrowed a baker’s dozen of picture books from the library, and even hired a rhinoceros to guard his bedroom door.

Do squirels in Florida store their nuts for winter?

The alligator children molded their mud castles in the swampy basin.

When in Rome, do as the other tourists do.

Fungus A. Mungus

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