13 Dec

Luna parted her hair in accordance with the moon. Only once a month did she let the world spy her full face.

Preston had a secret recipe for predicting the future. Each time he made pancakes, the batter would form the clues to a mystery.

Dancing shoes too shy to groove.

We’re not for dinner.

Chef Claudius Fang

The little scarecrow was all alone in the open field. So it invited some crows to keep it company.

She thought the snake looked like a sock full of pudding.

Big Blue Riding Hood

Lizzy noticed Aunt Pinup’s hair looked like a christmas tree, and after putting green food coloring in her shampoo, it became just that!

What if snakes were balls?

The Day I Bought School Lunch

One of the world’s greatest food fights occured at the 2nd annual Predator Convention. Sharks were throwing fish as lions chucked gazelles.

On Christmas night when all the children have gone to bed, the toys have a party, a welcome party for the new toys.

The Best Man is a Boy

“What’s an open bar?”  /  “All the root beer you can drink!”

The magical eraser carried with it a terrible burden. It erased everything it touched. One day it went for a swim in public pool, and erase all of the water.

Are albino Giant Pandas confused with Polar Bears?

On Witches Day, all of the witches ride their brooms into town to wreak havoc. At Sneaker World, they turn shoelaces into snakes.

Even for one night, witches need to feel like ladies.


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