6 Dec

What if a Yo-Yo was afraid to fall?

What if balloons evolved and developed intelligence equal to humans? And what if one of those balloons had vengeance floating  between his walls of latex? That evil balloon could very well kidnap hoards of children, pump them full of helium only to let them float up into the thin air. Hey, that sounds like fun. Sign me up.

You know what’s embarassing? When your teacher is younger than you.

Mr. Gorbiny was going bald. All that remained of his youthful days of flowing hair was a single bushy line of follicles. It was like having a mustache on your forehead.

The bandits gave up stealing and formed a band. But they soon realized that being in a band is fun, but being called a ‘bandit’ is far superior coolness than ‘band member.”

Fuzzy Furbox

No one noticed the pancake was upside down.

In general, generals don’t generalize.

Kids don’t like sauceless spaghetti, melted ice cream, and shipping and handling.

Kids don’t like broccoli unless of course it was rainbow colored, covered in hot fudge and served on a golden plate by a hippopotamos wearing too much makeup.

Kids don’t like clowns, but what if they furry, 2 feet tall, didn’t grin, and could only walk backwards.

Ironically Wando was captivated by the wild.

Why did Ropunzel not get a haircut? Was he allergic to scissors? Was he hiding sweets under his golden locks of hair? Did he lose a dare? Did he enjoy over-working combs and brushes? Or maybe he charged fleas to ride his follicles like giant roller coasters.

Are you really a kid?

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