22 Nov

Tammy Bourine

To cease confusion, Peter Bartholomew Johnson had to stop naming his ham sandwiches after his initials.

Puggle the Platypus

Zamboni Baloney

One day I woke up to find that I was a horse in a lake.

Where do angels come from?

Where do babies go?

A sheep in wolve’s clothing.

Toby’s Guide to Being a Big Brother

Q: How does a giant stay in shape?   A: Shoplifting

When he brought his toys to play with in the pool, someone was already there. And she had brought her own toys too. So it began: The Great Pool War.

Long ago, the world was full of giants. Everything was just the right size. Until…we arrived.

Curtis went to the future to borrow spaceships. He then went to the past to rescue the dinoaurs.

Sir Fenrick Rolo

Your Mommy such a good baker…even a crumb from one of her cookies would win 1st place at the Galaxy Bake Off.

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