8 Nov

Herbie liked music. He wanted to make music. But not like everyone else. Herbie didn’t want a piano. He didn’t want a guitar. He didn’t want a chello, for it was bigger than his arm. He didn’t choose the sax, the flute, or the drums. Nope, herbie wanted something more fun. So he went to someplace different, someplace wild, someplace in the distant light. He went to the zoo. The Musical Zoo, where every animal carries a tune. Special sounds from their home countries abound. From China, a panda pounds his song on a giant gong. From Japan, a giant salamander strokes a shamisen. From down under, a kangaroo blows into the pouch of a didgeridoo.

There was once a dog who broke the Canine Code and took in a young boy.

Boy meets girl. Boy makes fart noises. Girl kicks boy. She takes karate lessons. Boy cries. Boy meets new girl. New girl is mad. New girl doesn’t like a sad boy. New girl punches girl. She takes boxing lessons. Girl cries. Boy and New Girl laugh.

But this little mummy was allergic to bandages.

To buzz or not to buzz. That is the story of the bee.

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