25 Oct

My teddy bear is allergic to stuffing.

Madeline had a new lunch box. Though it wasn’t glittery and sparkly like the other girls’ lunch boxes. Just a brownish white, like the color of a tanned polar bear, with two black leather straps on opposite ends. “Your grandmother needs her briefcase back,” said Jeffrey laughing as the other boys patted him on the back. Though this was no ordinary lunch box. It was magical.

It was a hot summer day. So hot that the water had evaporated from the swimming pool. So Jeremiah went online and ordered rain.

It wasn’t crowns, jewels, and pretty purple peacock egg bracelots that the princess favored. Instead, she liked snakes. Crickets, toads, and 5 legged beetles tickled her fancy.

In two weeks, the school year ended. But in six weeks was Milly’s birthday. This is not good. Poor Mila’s birthday party was in the summer. The other girls always received record attendance at their parties. Especially, Tiffany Buck, who had 21 girls, 14 family members, 3 peculiar neighbors, and 1 gassy poodle at her party, giving Tiffany 39 guests, a school record. The most Mila had was 15. This year Mila turned 7, her favorite number. She wanted to beat Tiffany. But how?

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