11 Oct

The name is Perkins. Stanley Perkins. But you can call me ‘The Man.” Everyone calls me the “The Man.” Now that’s a compliment, because I’m still a boy.

Girls like me, but I don’t like them…yet. They talk too much and their hair is too long. My Dad says like girls when I’m older. So, I’m planning ahead. I’m asking for their phone numbers now.

There was a vulture named Vicky who was quite picky.

The Chameleon Kid

When it rains, I want to be a Giraffe. I’ll be the first to know, and the last to drown.

The Dog King of Cats & The Cat Queen of Dogs

What if I lived in the refrigerator?

A gang of skeletons are kidnapping the town’s fat kids.

Her name was Honey. And she was in a predicament. “Gee, bumble bee,” Honey said, “Why are you always following me?”


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