6 Sep

When life gives you lemons; say thank you.

It was the most beautiful Christmas tree we ever did see. We couldn’t kidnap it from the very ground that grew it. No we certainly couldn’t. But we could build our house around it. So we did. Now everyday is Christmas.

Plants, trees, flowers and bushes are the earth’s children. Please don’t harm its children.

And as Debbie opened the door, she saw who had been knocking. It was a teddy bear.  “Teddy!” shouted Debbie. “Please woman,” exclaimed the teddby bear, “You can call me Sir Bear, attorney at law.” He had with him a letter, and handed it to Debbie. “I am hereby summoned…?” said a puzzled Debbie. “See you in court,” said Sir Bear, “good-day.”

If Goldilocks had a cousin her name would be Silvercurls.

‘Where Do Babies Go?’: The story of a jealous brother trying to send his baby sister back to where she came from.

Ronny liked to run. He always had a runny nose, wanted to run for president, accidentally let the colors run in the wash, hit a home run, runs his own lemonade stand, and is running out of breath.

The Three Year Old Teacher

‘Weird-Oh’: The Forgotten God of All Things Strange

Instead of a heart, he had a fish bowl with a bright red goldfish swimming about.

He didn’t care for the beach or sun tanning for that matter. Instead, he preferred moon paling under the cooling strokes of night.

What if your blanket was more afraid of the dark than you?

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