23 Aug

Dreams do come true; for those who wake up.

There was once a little Echo who wanted to hear the sound of her own voice.

Holy Moley: The Underground Angel….He doesn’t mind getting dirty; no matter howsoiled he gets.

An Orange Cow fell from a tree. The farmer’s son patted her head and walked her to the barn where she would later be ‘juiced.’

The Mirror Men are afraid of vampires, explaining why the blood suckers can’t see their reflection.

The giant used a helicopter to dry his clothes.

And in the abandoned garden, a game was being played. On a rectanglular patch of dirt short and sturdy green toothpicks rooted themselves up blanketing the ground. Across the middle, thorny vines like well-fed snakes lazily slid over a clothes line afraid of heights. On opposing sides, identical weeds sprang to life, each with a pair of pancake sized leaves. Then above, amongst a thicket of green, a lemon tree offered a gift: a plump yellow lemon. And once the weed’s leafy racket had smacked it across the thorny net, the game had begun.

Dominic had either shiny teeth or beautiful hair, but neither both at the same time. Dominic used the same brush for his teeth and hair.

“You have a beautiful eye!” said the stranger.     /     “Thank you,” said the cyclops.

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