2 Aug

For those who rise above but take the time to look below.

Monsterella: A scary yet cheesy ballet.

The Not So Busy Beaver

I once made a snowman who wouldn’t melt. On the weekends I took him with me to the beach. We snuggled, so I wouldn’t get burnt. And after mom went shopping, the freezer was more full than my brothers’ stomachs, so we stuck the pizza, fish sticks, and popsicles inside his.

The wolf who cried boy merely tried to attract house guests with a scrumptious main dish.

Taylor’s hair was long. So long that he didn’t sleep with a blanket.

It was hobby day, and Meryl Underwood’s was hide`n`go`seek. He was no where to be found.

How to NOT Kill A Monster

Please Don’t Eat My Head

I first learned ballroom dancing at Chuck-E Cheese, only to retire when I learned that colorful plastic balls were not to be included.

Yes, I Like You

Where are my teeth?

When There Was No Wednesday

The only way a Bookasaurus can read is to chomp its way through the pages and digest the story within its belly.

Don’t Read This Book

52,365 Slices of Pizza

Sleeping Beauty Pizza: Only edible after a prince takes a bite awakening it with refined elegant flavor.

The sun has gone; I can only hear my footsteps towards the end. The end of the roof. This roof: my home.

“Howabout a wish?” said the genie.     /     ”But don’t I get three wishes?” asked the boy.     /     ”Well, see Mom and Dad had triplets,” said the genie, “So each of us can grant just one wish.”

The sun yawned over the waking land. A young boy stretched his arms and went into the barn. Emerging on a riding lawn mower, he noisely drove into the forbidden valley. Strange things lurked behind the black trees of this place. Yet the boy kept his foot on the pedal. The mower came to a halt at the entrance to a massive cave big enough to fit a lighthouse. It was here that a giant lived. And just like the week before, the week before that, and the week before that, the young boy visited the giant. Each and every time the boy carefully drove the lawn mower into the giant’s nose and cut the tremendous nose hairs. In return, the giant reached high into the sky, grabbed a shy cloud and placed it in a bag. The young boy thanked the giant and took the bag home to his family. And when the clouds were to lazy to mail rain drops to the fields, the young boy used his gift to water the crops.

I Live Next Door to a Rhino

I’m Fat, But Doing Just Fine Thank You

What if underwear was allergic to gravity?

I Think I’m a Bully

What if a vampire gets a toothache?

Where the Wild Things Are Not

Yawnee could never get enough sleep.

My teacher says we have to make a book. She is a beast. A big hairy beast, with horns, a necklace and a pretty pink dress. I wouldn’t wear it, but it sure is pretty.

The turd that wouldn’t flush.

My teacher wears a diaper.

My baby brother picks noses and puts the boogers in other people’s noses.

Who squatted the fly?

A world without erasers is a world void of adventure.

There was once a library with many books. But each and every book was empty. So I brought a pen.

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