IMAGICISE: What Is Love?

31 Jul

The time has come to open your heart and pen to the possibilities of eternal love. This imagicise takes you on a journey through a bizarre yet enchanting tunnel of love. Allow your imaginative juices to spill accordingly on the paper.

For those wishing to ‘tone’ their creative muscles, simply spend 5 minutes on each prompt. For those ‘bulking up’, spend an additional 5 minutes writing or follow the specific instructions with each prompt.

For those wishing to visualize their imagination with an artist’s touch, please follow the Art Tips or feel free to sketch/draw/paint/collage whatever inspires you. And for those with a musical touch, follow the Music Tip in order to bridge your love of music to each imagicise.

* For further directions on ‘Imagicise’ click here.


  • Day 1: Ditto

    In the 1990 film Ghost, Patrick Swayze isn’t able to tell Demi Moore he loves her until he takes a trip to the afterlife. While alive he uttered “ditto” in place of “I love you.” Fill up a page with “I love you” alternatives. Examples could include, “of course,” “I emotionally desire you,” “a round of love on me,” and “high five.” For those bulking up, choose three sayings, and for each one describe the kind of person you envision saying it.

    ART TIP: Draw a 3 to 5 panel comic strip with dialogue involving the alternative sayings.

    MUSIC TIP: How many songs with “I love you” in the lyrics can you find or remember? Substitute “I love you” with your alternative sayings and see how it changes the dynamic. 

Day 2: Peculiar Proposals

Before you begin, please erase your gender and become androgynous. Now imagine you are going to propose marriage to the love of your life. Describe the ideal proposal if you and your soon-to-be fiance were…

Choose Two:

  • toddlers

  • giant pandas

  • aliens

  • (create your own)

For those bulking up, choose a 3rd proposal, but write about it from the perspective of being on the receiving end.

ART TIP: Draw/sketch/paint a romantic proposal between wild animals or aliens.

MUSIC TIP: If you were being proposed to what songs would you want playing? Play those songs now. What do you feel? What do you see?

  • Day 3: Cupid’s Arsenal

    Following an accidental shooting involving a rooster, a lion and a retired librarian, the Guardians of Magic have decreed Cupid is no longer permitted to sling his arrows. Brainstorm new ways Cupid can bring forth love into the world. For example, paper airplanes filled with pixie dust, e-mails, grenades, or a laser pointer. For those bulking up, sketch out a trial and error story where Cupid tests out the new methods.

    ART TIP: Create an image of cupid sparking love using one of the new methods.

    MUSIC TIP: Choose 10 songs from Cupid’s personal playlist while on the job.

  • Day 4: And then?

    We’ve all heard, seen or smelled the classic “boy meets girl” story. It’s time to play cupid and spontaneously write one of our own. Beginning with “Boy meets girl,” complete the story/fill in the page with similar short phrases or “noun verb noun” clauses. Find the courage to be as romantic, morbid, or silly as you desire. Just let the random thoughts pour. An example of what may transpire could look like this: “Boy meets girl. Boy greets girl. Girl kicks boy. Boy dies. Ghost haunts girl. Girl kicks ghost. Girl falls down. Girl dies. Ghost meets ghost. Ghost loves ghost. The end.” For those bulking up, write a 1 page script of dialogue for the characters in your boy meets girl story. 

    ART TIP: Sketch a caricature of one of the characters from your original boy meets girl story.

    MUSIC TIP: Hum a tune to the phrases from your boy meets girl story and create an original song.

  • Day 5: Honeymoon From Hell

    Perhaps you’ve envisioned your dream honeymoon. For example, a hammock sways between two leaning palm trees. Well it’s time to stop dreaming. Instead, brainstorm the possibilities of a honeymoon from hell. For example, that hammock is still swaying but it’s attached to giant hair follicles, as you’re vacationing on a giant troll’s buttocks. For those bulking up, create a full itinerary for your hellish newlywed vacation.

    ART TIP: Sketch a billboard advertising a honeymoon from hell.

    MUSIC TIP: Choose or compose a selection of songs a hotel from hell may play in the lobby.

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