IMAGICISE: Summer Soulstice

7 Jul

Take a sip of ice tea and spit our those watermelon seeds, it’s time to celebrate the soul of summer with a spin. Let your creativity heat up as we explore all things summer.

For those wishing to ‘tone’ their creative muscles, simply spend 5 minutes on each prompt. For those ‘bulking up’, spend an additional 5 minutes writing or follow the specific instructions with each prompt.

For those wishing to visualize their imagination with an artist’s touch, please follow the Art Tips or feel free to sketch/draw/paint/collage whatever inspires you. And for those with a musical touch, follow the Music Tip in order to bridge your love of music to each imagicise.

* For further directions on ‘Imagicise’ click here.


  • Day 1: Imaginary Pool Party

    Divide your page into four sections by placing lines down and across the middle. You’ve just built a massive pool in your backyard, and to commemorate the water filled hole, you’re throwing a pool party. Label each one of the 4 columns accordingly: Wild Ones (animals, pets), Famous Folk (celebrities, historical figures, dead or alive), Make Believe (fictional characters from literature, movies, TV, comics), and Familiar Faces (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers). For each column quickly list possible guests to invite. For those bulking up imagine a possible fiasco by mixing such a diverse crowd. Write about one such incident.

    ART TIP: Visualize a moment from the party including one guest from each list.

    MUSIC TIP: Select or compose some tunes for the party soundtrack.

  • Day 2: Summer Grossout

    Since you were old enough to flip a burger, you’ve been hosting an annual cookout. Your guests have been feasting themselves, but you’ve had enough. Instead of canceling the party, you’ve decided it’s better to go out in disgusting glory, so that no one will ever want to attend your cookout again. Devise a menu that will leave an undesirable lasting impression on your guests. What non-cookout friendly foods will you serve? Chips & Gerber Dip, cat food salad, raw rabbit, and stale fruitcake are some vomit-inducing examples.

    ART TIP: Visualize a a table filled with summer grossout fare.

    MUSIC TIP: Make a playlist of the worst possible summer cookout music.

  • Day 3: Snow in Summer

    Where do snowmen go in the summer? Brainstorm the possibilities or elaborate on a specific story. For example, you could write about how snowmen hibernate by shrinking down to a miniscule snowflake and sleep in your freezer. When the freezer becomes ful of ice, that’s a snowman waking up, and when you’re out shoveling snow, he sneaks out. 

    ART TIP: Visualize a snowman adjusting to/escaping/enjoying summer.

    MUSIC TIP: What kind of music or particular song(s) would a snowman hibernate too?

  • Day 4: Camp Bizarro

    School is out for summer, and for some children, camp is in. But what if summer camp wasn’t located in the great outdoors or a school campus. Forget logic, morals, and safety while brainstorming new exciting and/or weird locations. For example, a junkyard, Antarctica, Wal-Mart, and a casino. For those bulking up, choose 2 locations and create sample schedules including all of the activities and meals for the day. 

    ART TIP: Visualize kids enjoying (not enjoying) one of the activities. 

    MUSIC TIP: What is the “Camp Song” for each camp?

  • Day 5: Amazing Race

    Despite the sweltering heat, summer is the season of charity races. In some areas, there’s a different 5K every night. But what if running isn’t your forte? The time has come for creative alternatives. For example, in Buffalo, NY participants adorn 3 inch plus heels for .5 kilometers the annual Stiletto Run to benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Come up with a slew of alternative “races.” For instance, a 1 Mile Moonwalk to benefit a kids space camp where participants slide backwards to Michael Jackson tunes. Or how about a Pogo Gogo, a lawnmower race across a vast field, or a Paintathon in a rundown neighborhood. 

    ART TIP: Visualize the starting or finishing line for one of the races. 

    MUSIC TIP: Choose the song for each race.

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