Artist’s Way: Week 12 Check-In

26 Jun

1.) How many days this week did you do your morning pages?

Morning Pages: 6/7

I had my eyes set on a clean sweep for the final week, but somehow along the line I ended up skipping on Friday. I must say, I’m no closer. If I was a pitcher in baseball, I would be pulled from the mound probably in the 6th inning. I need to work on my finishing techniques.

Night Pages 3/7

A rather weak effort considering this was the final weak. I found that it was easier to wake up determined, but given my emotional state after the death of my uncle, I typically fell apart into the evening hours.

2.) Did you do your artist date this week? 

Sadly, I did not complete the artist date. With the funeral/wake, and a trip to Toronto for my second cousin’s 1st birthday party, there were certainly ample time for reflection. However, the artist date is rightfully strict in that it be time spent alone with your inner artist. I had planned to go on one for Sunday, but I’m learning, it’s best not to save stuff until the last possible moment. Get it done early!

3.) Did you experience any synchronicity this week?

My mind and soul were with my family this week. I basically shut down to all creative influences. I’m sure there were several knocking on my door, I just wasn’t open for business. I’ve realized, that especially during a dark time, I should turn to my imagination even more. Creativity can help guide us through difficult moments, and even lead to greater productivity.

4.) Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? 

I was able to pull off 2 of the tasks, but I had already let the idea of completing all of them sink into my mind. Hello disappointment!

I didn’t bring the 12-week program to close like I had wanted too. I also didn’t allow myself to celebrate. I had convinced myself that I should have FINALLY sent one of my 60+ manuscripts on to an agent or publisher. Having not done that, I allowed my evil inner critic to look at the whole Artist’s Way as a failure. I can not do that. If anything, I should be proud. I stuck with something for 12 straight weeks, regardless if I was 2 weeks late in posting the results here! Accomplishment leads to success! Disappointment in small doses may be effective, but in this particular case it was just an excuse to not continue my craft.



and so can you!!!!

2 Responses to “Artist’s Way: Week 12 Check-In”

  1. dinanath December 4, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Thanks for posting the check-in’s. I was looking for what Cameron meant by issues for recovery. Your postings gave me a clear idea of what i should be writing there. Thank You.

    • cravevsworld December 5, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

      Hello Dinanath. Thank you for your kindness.
      Wishing you all the best with the Artist’s Way and creativity in general.

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