IMAGICISE: Enchanted

9 Jun

It’s time to re-visit the land of fairy tales. Inspired by a boy named Harry and a girl named Snow, allow yourself to float like a fairy through these enchanted imagicises and find sanctuary in your imagination.

For those wishing to ‘tone’ their creative muscles, simply spend 5 minutes on each prompt. For those ‘bulking up’, spend an additional 5 minutes writing or follow the specific instructions with each prompt.

* For further directions on ‘Imagicise’ click here.


  • Day 1: Magic Appliances

    A magic wand is the vessel of a wizard’s magic. What if other people or tradesmen were capable of enchantment. What would their device be? For example, would a chef have a magic spatula, and whatever it mixes will turn to pure gold. In addition, a protective housewife has a mystical washing machine, where every article of clothing blessed by its spellbinding cycles, will become protective garments making those who wear them free from harm. Think of an army of magical devices, listing as many as you can. For those bulking up, choose 5 of the items and describe their powers.

  • Day 2: Snow White & the 101 Dwarves

    Despite how it may not seem so politically correct, dwarf obsession has swept the nation. To cash in on the trend, a movie studio has commissioned a film involving not seven, but hundreds of dwarves. You’ve been hired to create this new hoard of iconic dwarves. For 5-10 minutes, make a list of names with their personality traits. For example: Slick – Easily maneuvers out of harm, decisive, with a pinch of sneaky. For those bulking up, select your favorite seven from the list. How will they play off of each other, why did you choose these seven?

  • Day 3: Troll Protection Agency

    According to legend, trolls are known to guard bridges, demanding a toll for passage, or worse they consume weary travelers. Unfortunately for the trolls, there’s not enough bridges to go around. Imagine other places and things trolls may guard or inhabit. First make a vertical ist of places, leaving a blank space next to each one. Example places could include: cookie jar, glove compartment, or a dressing room. Next, decide what the troll will demand for its use or passage. Example demands could include: a tooth, tire rubber, or a hug. Try to come up with good-hearted, evil, and multi-faceted trolls. For those bulking up, choose three from your list, and give each troll a name. Describe their appearance. Now choose one of them and create their origin story, explaining how they got to that place and what kept them there.

  • Day 4: Unlikely Heirarchy

    Fairy tales are rife with stories of kings and queens and how their next of kin are meant to succeed them. What if succession of power wasn’t based on bloodlines? Come up with as many alternate ways to determine the next in line for a royal promotion. For example: Whoever… has the longest hair, wins the spelling bee, has the fewest teeth, owns the most cat, or procures the smelliest farts. For those bulking up, choose one of the modes of succession. Now imagine a youngster who dreams of being King or Queen. What is their name, describe their trials and tribulations towards the throne.

  • Day 5: Typewriter, Typewriter on the Desk

    In the story of Snow White, the evil queen consults a magic mirror to discover who is the most beautiful in the kingdom. Think of other items someone could consult. List them, add what must be said, and also what will be told. You don’t have to adhere to the “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all” formula. For example, a writer saying “typewriter, typewriter on the desk, who’s the most poetic of them all?” To clarify, you could write about a little girl who wants the whitest teeth says to her toothbrush “Dear little brush for my teeth, you were so white, but now you are weakened, thank you for your might to help my teeth shine bright, now tell me please if you may, are my teeth still sparkling white?” For those bulking up, if one of the ideas sends your creativity off to a place far far away, follow it wherever it goes and you may have an original fairy tale to tell!

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