Clean that Desktop

2 Jan

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but it’s definitely before productivity. For the daily grind of a writer, nothing numbs your work rate like clutter. In the digital age of publishing, writers now have two desks to maintain. First, your physical wooden, steel, or LEGO desk. And second, the visual “desk” of your computer or digital word processor.

All Cleaned Up!

Those loyal to a daily writing regiment don’t need to worry as much. However, for the procrastinators and excuse makers, a messy desktop makes for a delicious yet unhealthy excuse to avoid writing. Generally speaking, my Mac OS desktop is organized akin to what you would expect from an obsessive compulsive. Especially when it comes to writing, there’s a menagerie of intricate folders containing everything from ideas, to inspiration photos and drafts.

I went to bed everyday knowing I should have tooled around with one of my picture book drafts. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle I “forgot.” Perhaps it was due to the lengthy trek I had to make to access my working manuscripts. My mouse riding finger had to travel from “Writing” to “Children’s Books.” From there I had to remember if the work in question was filed under “Drafts,” “Manuscripts,” or “Final Manuscripts.” But the journey wasn’t over. As I save each edited version as a new file in order to monitor my revision process, I had to select the most chronologically recent draft. It was in the end too much of an obstacle.

Instead of utilizing a checklist, or bombarding my desk with sticky notes or my desktop with virtual sticky notes, I simply dragged the manuscripts in question to the desktop. Now whenever I sign-on, those daunting works stare me straight in the eye. I never forget what I have to do. Sure, I still neglect them, but the guilt has been clogging my veins. This results in more editing and revision. Yippee!

So what have we learned? (Besides realizing my joy of blogging about nothing) If you have a task to do, simply throw it on your desk or desktop. Just make sure you don’t have a million projects or you’ll bury your writer space in clutter.

Happy productive organizing imaginators!

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