Highway to the Creation Zone: A Peek at Writer Rooms

21 Dec

The magical world of Harry Potter must have whirled itself within J.K. Rowling for years before it became a world wide sensation. But at some point she needed to sit down and scribe every word of the seven book series. So where do authors pen their inspiring works of fiction? What do these desks, spaces, crevices, and creative caves look like?

Thanks to “theguardian,” there’s a delicious buffet of “portraits of the spaces where authors create.” This “Writer’s Room” series is packed full of intimate looks at many established writers, artists and musicians and their sacred grounds of creation.

Nicholas Mosley's Writing Room

If you’re hungry for more there’s a variety of published works profiling the physical locations where writers work. One example includes Jill Krementz’s “The Writer’s Desk.”

If you’re looking for an inspirational diversion, why not take a peek at how those at the top of the mountain got there. Then look around at your own space. Make the necessary changes to create a place that will one day appear in a gallery of famous writer rooms.

Happy interior decorating imaginators!

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