October Project: BOBE

3 Oct

Thanks to a handful of generous souls and the social networking capabilities of the internet, imaginators have several themed months of writing open to them. From November’s NANOWRIMO and PIBOIDMO, to February’s Picture Book Marathon, to April’s Script Frenzy, there’s no excuse for not being able to churn out heaps of material. While all of these aforementioned initiatives are quite popular and effective, there’s still room for more.

In October 2011 I’m personally testing a prototype “month.” BOBE (Book Of Beginnings & Endings) asks imaginators to pen one beginning and one ending each day in October.

While first entitled “The Beginning End,” I couldn’t resist joining the acronym party. So until further consideration, this endeavor will be titled “BOBE: Book Of Beginnings & Endings.” 

Given the availability of smart phones, iPads, and laptop computers, there may be an urge to type away your entries. Though I urge participants to capture their pieces the old fashioned way. With automatic spelling and grammar check available, imaginators may be self-editing as they write, when they should only be focusing on igniting their personal drives to write. When finished, this book is not meant to be a stepping-stone towards publication. Instead, it’s merely a muse, reference for your natural voice and style, and a testimony to your potential.

Do not worry about spelling and grammar. Just focus on putting your raw thoughts into fresh phrases.

There is no maximum amount of writing. Participants should simply pen one beginning and one ending for a minimum of 30 days, allowing for one day of rest. Though in general, expect to complete one page or spend a minimum of 15 minutes on each entry.

Select a journal, or combine loose leaf into a folder or binder. The choice is yours. I’ve decided to go with a handsome journal I picked up two years ago in a stationary store in Seoul, Korea. While the cover reads “Essay” it’s thick square design with blank pages was beckoning me to fill it with my goofy ponderings. I actually decided on the format for this journal over a year ago, and am now happy to finally get around to putting it to work.

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Each beginning and ending does not have to be related, though participants should attempt to match them up on a few occasions for practice.

Pen a beginning/ending to any type of writing. Fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, and even magazine articles are fair game. Choose existing ideas, create one on the spot, or re-mix a favorite published piece of work.

If done in October, BOBE will help writers prepare for the daily grind of November’s National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO).

Feel free to revisit the book often and continue your tales at your leisure.

In addition, this endeavor is a fantastic way for imaginators to establish their ideal “writing time.” I have yet to dedicate a scheduled daily block of time for writing. In doing BOBE, I hope to log when I penned each piece and then analyze when I did my best work. Consequently, I urge participants who still need to establish their writing times to alternate (daily or weekly) when they pen their BOBE entries.

For example: 

  • Week 1: Morning – Beginning and Ending
  • Week 2: Morning – Beginning / Before Bed – Ending
  • Week 3: Before Bed – Beginning and Ending
  • Week 4: Morning – Ending / Before Bed – Beginning

For reference sake, below is a sample of my BOBE contributions. 

  • 10/02/11 PM: BEGINNING – It didn’t take long for Gladys to realize she was no longer a kid. It just took 65 years, and a visit to the hospital to maker her confront her birth certificate. “I don’t want to stitch,” said Gladys. “I don’t want to take naps. I don’t want to play shuffle board. And I’m certainly no early bird. You’ll never see me dining before 5:00PM. No way, never! Now where’s my ice cream?” “But you haven’t even touched your vegetables,” said Nurse Wimberly. Gladys gently glided a finger across the green beans and squash. “There. Now some ice cream!”
  • 10/02/11 PM: END – They lowered the casket 6 feet and 2 inches into the damp soil at precisely…around 8:00AM. A congregation of family, friends, neighbors, admirers, and a pack of stray animals huddled around the ditch. They came to pay their respects to Gladys. Poor Gladys who as an old lady lived to be 1 day old. But as an innocent child, she enjoyed 89 playful years. Everyone knew an old woman lied at the bottom of that ditch. The Gladys they knew was forever with them, giggling her way to another ice cream.

What are you waiting for? Jump aboard and test it out with me. If fond of the results I’ll ready it for a full launch in 2012 complete with guest posts, prizes, and whatever motivates us to smack ink on paper.

Please provide feedback if you think BOBE could be a successful October project to help propel imaginators toward the next level of success.

Happy writing everyone! May you generate intriguing beginnings and endings.

All the best and more,


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