Picture Yourself

21 Jun

Penciled Me

I urge all writers (published or not) to spread the word of their passion. From your next-door neighbor, the cashier at Wendy’s,  to the old lady you ran over with your car, tell everyone you’re a children’s book writer. While they may not have an editor or agent in their rolodex (do people still have those?), they may just brighten your day with a thoughtful gesture.

Perhaps you like to picture how others think of you. When I recently turned 30, I didn’t have to: my friends did that for me. The party organizers and dear friends Makoto and Tesia instructed the evenings guests to feature me by drawing ‘something out of a children’s book.’ The result was a binder filled with dozens of flattering and embarassing artistic portrayls of your’s truly. These drawings don’t just decorate my soul, as they can be used for business cards, blogs, websites, and school visit materials. I also received a custom made stamp of my likeness for ‘future autographs’ and various Japanese picture books. Sure the standard bottles of booze would have made me smile, but these personalized gestures proved to me that I’m not the only one who believes in me. I can’t ask for anything better! Special thanks to everyone who despite the catastrophic earthquakes made my 30th birthday in Japan one I’ll never forget!

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What are you waiting for? Get out there and spread the word that you’re a writer, and if you cross paths with a generous soul there’s no telling what they may do to convince you you’re an imaginator who matters!

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