1 May

“I would especially like to recourt the Muse of poetry, who ran off with the mailman four years ago, and drops me only a scribbled postcard from time to time.” – John Updike

In recent years E-mail has replaced the conventional letter. It won’t be long until people merely snap a photo of the Eifel Tower with their cell phone and send it to their friends instead of mailing a postcard. Thankfully the practice of sending a postcard remains the standard “wish you were here” gesture. But how many of us have friends charting the globe?

Say hello to PostCrossing, an innovative online social network that brings exotic locales into your mailbox through personalized postcards. Think of the site as an international ‘postcard’ trading convention. Register for free and then request to send a postcard at which point you’ll receive a randomly generated address of a fellow post crossing member. Send them a postcard from anywhere (preferably where you reside) with any message you choose. When they receive the postcard, hopefully they will log onto the site and enter the code you were instructed to write on the postcard. Once that happens then you’re entered into the system and for every postcard you send, there’s another chance you’ll receive one as well.

Personally, it’s sites like CouchSurfing, Craigslist and now Post Crossing that showcase the altruistic nature of humanity. Over the past three years I’ve sent over a hundred postcards while exploring Asia, and yet I’ve received just one from a friend back home in America. Through CouchSurfing, I’ve realized the power of meeting someone from another culture and while a postcard can only say so much about a person, it’s still a shining token from an exotic culture.

I recommend anyone who owns a pen and knows where to buy stamps take advantage of this amazing site and sign-up today!

But… just like you, I’m a writer. The life of a writer is similar to the life of a doctor. For being a doctor may be their ‘life’ in that they are always on call. The same goes for us, but only we typically aren’t typically called upon from those in need. Instead, we need to be thinking of ways to integrate our image/brand/work into the lives of others with every chance we get.

I have no shame in handing my business card to the dude selling me a slurpee at 7-11, and I certainly have no shame in writing a heartfelt message about being a children’s writer on each and every postcard I send with my address attached of course!

There’s no telling who will receive your postcard, and if the time comes (or already has) where your name takes its place on the shelf of fame, just think about how you will not only brighten the receiver’s day but you’re also positively promoting yourself in addition to the rewards of Post Crossing.

Imaginators, what are you waiting for? Shamelessly plug yourself and lick those stamps!

2 Responses to “POST CROSSING”

  1. Sara December 5, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    Great article this is ! 😀 I love postcrossing ! It’s such a wonderful way to send and receive postcards without having any problem of insecurity..etc ! 🙂


  1. The Perfect Postcard « Crave Writing - May 19, 2011

    […] those unfamiliar with PostCrossing please refer to a previous post or sign-up […]

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