Do You Crave Coasters?

1 Apr

“Life is a roller coaster. Ride it with your hands in the air.”

Got Coaster?

As a Children’s Book writer, Crave holds an honorary PHD in juvenile antics, and consequently refuses to let go of his love for the man-made thrill of amusement parks.

CraveCoasters, the newest web portal by Crave Cravak, provides the common man, woman, and goofball with a fun-filled look at the roller coaster’s international presence. Crave has ridden more than 400 towering beasts across 13 nations and has oodles of photos to share and more than one story to tell.

Fellow imaginators. Take a break from the pages of writing and “click, clack” yourself up the lift hill of a zany yet innocent site. What are you waiting for? Fasten your safety harness, prepare to scream, and enjoy your stay at!

One Response to “Do You Crave Coasters?”

  1. Danny January 10, 2013 at 7:25 am #

    danny was here

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