PBM – Week 3

25 Feb

February rolled out its third week and we’re now three quarters of the way towards the finish line. Staying on par in the first week, I sprinted through the second with 3 additional manuscripts. Though, my eye on the prize dizzily distracted me and sadly only 5 books were penned.

Honestly, this week has been a let down. My editorial goosebumps are shaking their heads at the use of ‘The’ in four of the titles. In addition, all of the pieces require a time expensive facelift. A few may even have to be trimmed into magazine peices or expanded into chapter books. However, having written these drafts, I have a clearer vision of where to take each idea. 

One highlight is “Curious,” my first attempt at a quiet poetic narrative that creates an atmosphere rather then deliver timed action and gags. While another was ‘The Food Bank,’ a tale meant to be written in Week 2. I started to believe that perhaps my stalling was evidence of my disconnection with the idea. Though, once I began drafting the piece, it naturally steered its way through an effortless narrative.

With 7 days left and only 4 books remaining, I feel confident in how my writing endurance has drastically increased from last year.

Below resides Week 3′s roster of manuscripts.

  • 18.)  The Baby Store: Al, Tizzy, and Buck set off to build-a-baby sibling, but will they be able to agree on everything?
  • 19.)  The Food Bank: Mihai views the local food bank in terms of a financial bank which leads to confusion when he tries to make a withdrawal.
  • 20.)  Curious: A Fisher’s Tale: A curious fisherboy dives into aquatic world beneath his boat.
  • 21.)  The Dragon Recipe: Five friends scavenge for the nine ingredients of a Chinese Dragon.
  • 22.)  The Word Factory: When Roderick can’t think of just one word to describe himself, he takes a magical bus to where words are manufactured.

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