PBM – Week 2

14 Feb

The second week of February is history, and we’re half-way through the Picture Book Marathon. While the first week was all about quality, the second week, having penned 10 manuscripts, was all about quanitity.

While I’m not confident in every piece, all of them have a premise, writing style, or spark worth holding on to. One book in particular, Punch Bug, was born simply by flipping through an old journal and coming across a list of ‘cool titles.’ While the draft is thirsty for red ink, it proved to be a beneficial writing exercise.

With only 9 picture books to go, I’m hoping to devote more time to fully fleshing out ideas that have been lingered in my head for many years.

Without further stalling, here is Week 2’s roster of manuscripts.

  • 8.)  Stars: The Imaginative Truth: When an astrophysicist visits a class, the students shower him with their imaginative theories on stars.
  • 9.)   Truth About Babies (Sort Of):  When a boy wonders where babies come from, he’s flooded with imaginatively goofy theories. It’s not until he goes home does he learn the truth (sort of).
  • 10.)  Reddy Teddy Goes to School: Reddy has a secret reason for going to school on ‘Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day.’ 
  • 11.)  Hollow: The Unstuffed Teddy Bear: When Hollow’s stuffing falls out through a hole in his foot he searches for the right stuff.
  • 12.)  Doggie Dilemma: Yolby’s parents will let him have a pet dog, but what breed should he choose? A Boxer would knock him out, and a Bloodhound would bite his neck.
  • 13.)  Punch Bug: The garden bugs grow tired of being pummeled by the Punch Bug and work together to literally find a solution.
  • 14.)  Where Should I Pee?: Jeremy has to pee, but the toilet is on the ceiling, and there’s a line for the litterbox. Where will he pee?
  • 15.)  Hanukkah Tree:  Danny enjoys the spotlight during Hanukkah but on Christmas he’s all alone. He wants a Christmas tree but will his orthodox Grandpa cave in?
  • 16.)  One More Hug: When Dibby arrives, not only her big brother Doogle, but also a house full of creatures feel left out. 
  • 17.)  Cupid’s Valentine: A little girl struggles to find Cupid a valentine. 

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