Picture Books: A Thematic Gift

18 Jan

I’m probably the only one in my circle of family and friends who has children’s books on their Christmas and birthday wish list. But that doesn’t mean I can’t gift someone else an illustrated gem of creativity.

At some point in time everyone was a child, making picture books relatable. Given their thin lightweight size,  minimal word count and pleasant illustrations they are a wonderful addition to anyone’s never ending collection of junk.

For Christmas I desired to give an innocent yet thoughtful gift of encouragement to a special lady aiming to enter dental school. So what better present than an assortment of dental themed books. I went to amazon.com, typed in ‘dentist’ and was bombarded with scores of titles. Luckily for me, many were paperbacks and generously priced at less than $5.  I literally could have dropped over $100 on these books, but I was happy with the collection of 7 books I assembled.

Then on Christmas day I drowned her in my world of children’s literature while tailoring it to something dear to her heart. “When you open your first practice, you can put these in your waiting room for children to read.” Folks, talk about brownie points!

Now keep in mind picture books are written for children, so there may not always be one to directly match your desired theme. For example, if your friend is about to open a gentlemen’s club. But…there are oodles of books of encouragement and motivation including Jerry Spinelli’s ‘I Can Be Anything.”

When giving a thoughtful present, there’s no need to waltz into a Hallmark Store or get lost in Party City, just scour through your local or online bookstore shelf.

Happy gifting imaginators!

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