11 Jan

With February’s Picture Book Marathon approaching, there’s no better time to rocket over to Nathan Hale’s blog Space Station Nathan. In 2010, the author/illustrator generously provided a graphic illustration with details for each of his 28 manuscripts. As a delicious bonus, each idea is prefaced with an episodic incarnation of the comic book / graphic novel serial  “Yellowbelly and Nate Visit Children’s Publishing a.k.a. THE LAND OF DOOM.”

To gear up for this year’s PB Marathon, begin with Nathan’s first entry and then work your way through the list by clicking ‘Newer Post’ on the bottom left.

Many writers are weary of their ideas being stolen and thus are shy to post them on the internet. Though, Nathan, a publishedwriter / illustrator confidently hands you a backstage pass into his imagination. With titles, “I’m a Fungi” and “Mermaid Fire Brigade” his ideas are fresh, funny, yet appeal to all ages. The covers are drawn in a classic picture book meets modern graphic novels style as seen in The Twelve Bots of Christmas.

When finished peering at Nathan’s picture books, stay up to date with recent  installments of his early reader Percy: The Little Big Dragon.

Two thumbs up, a presidential wave, and a humble bow to Nathan Hale, a true imaginator, and his Space Station of creativity.

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