IMAGICISE: Dungeon Dwelling

13 Apr

PROMPT: Describe a different sort of dungeon.


Then check out the example below!

Crave’s Example:

Not all dungeons are dark and dingy, scary and stingy. Some are quite pretty! Well, at least one was. Oh yes, it’s true, it’s quite true. There was once a girl, she wasn’t a princess, yet she wasn’t that poor. She was an heir you see, but she was one of nine. So when the time had come for her elders to say goodbye, her and her eight brothers and sisters were given their piece of the castle pie. The first got the gold, the second the horses, the third the navy, the fourth the food, the fifth the jester, the sixth a wardrobe of exotic dresses and gowns, the seventh received lands in vast countries, the eighth was given the castle grounds, but what was left for the little girl. Well, the dungeon! “Oh my!” she said as she toured the moping, crying, and ghastly grounds. We need to spice this up! And indeed she did. But in fact, she made the dungeon so cute, that it was even more torturous than before for those who entered. [ 5 mins, 179 words]

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