IMAGICISE: Bearded Princess

13 Apr

PROMPT: There once was a bearded princess…


Then check out the example below!

Crave’s Example:

              There once was a bearded princess, and unhappy she was. It all began when she was just a little girl. One morning a hair appeared on her chin. She wanted it removed immediately, but a wise woman warned her. “For each hair you remove, two more will take its place.”

              So it began. For years, the princess snipped, cut, pulled, torched, waxed her facial hairs, and just as the wise woman promised, soon twins would sprout up. And now, the princess had a thick forest of folicles. There was nothing in the mortal world that could shave this beard, except of course for a magic razor. The wise woman had spoke about an ancient razor born out of love. Long ago, there was a maiden prized for her long locks of hair. Suitors from all across the land came to ask for her hand in marriage. But she knew they only loved her for her hair. Though she loved herself, and sought the aid of a wizard. He then gave her the magical razor, which she used to shave her head once and for all. The suitors left, but she was free to pursue life at her leisure. Though, no man would marry her. Still, she used her days to explore the vast lands, and journeyed days, months, and years to the farthest corners of the imagination. It is in the farthest point in the Hollow Caves of the North Sea, where she was finally laid to rest, alone but happy. It has been spoken, that the razor rests in these caves.

              So the bearded princess decreed that whomever obtains the magical razor will have her hand in marriage. Many men saddled up and went on the quest, though it was a dangerous trek and would take many years to reach the cave. However, there was one man. A local boy who grown up with the princess. He admired her, and loved her natural beauty. “Princess, I care not that you have a beard, I love you all the same, please marry me!”

              Though the princess too admired this man, she was unable to love herself as he did. So many years she waited in the castle, alone and unhappy. Then finally, one day a man had returned with the razor, though it was too late, she was an old woman and had died in her sleep, with the full beard in tact. [10 mins – 403 words]

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