Give Yourself a Bone

13 Apr

The date is April 13th, the time is 9:57am. I have just done the unthinkable! I finished my ‘Greeting Card Ideas’ journal.

Naturally, it’s time to celebrate! But how? I’m on the clock at work already snacking on potato chips. Should I rush out and buy some ice cream? That would only add to my depression when Mr. Tummy evolves. Howabout take the day off from writing? That’s counterproductive.

Completing a project, from a brainstorm, to a draft, and even a journal is one inch closer to publication. It’s a powerful, confidence inducing indulgement. So why halt the production? Keep it going! Though, no accomplishments should go unrewarded. It’s imperative that you express the satisfaction of each victory, no matter how small.

For me, I choose music. Specifically, the John Williams composed theme for the Superman movie franchise. This trend began when I was in college. After hiding from the sandman and grueling out a 10 page epic disaster for yet another English class, I blasted the Superman theme and stood triumphantly. This behavior stayed with me.

Now after each piece of writing is completed, I’m quick to push play. It feels good. I so strongly associate the song with success that when I hear it in public, I feel embarassed and guilty having not completed a project.

For you writers out there, it’s important that you find a uniform way to reward your efforts. Albeit one that is easy, inexpensive, productive, but most of all empowering.


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