30 Mar

PROMPT:  Once upon a time there was a man with no legs…


Then check out the example below!

Crave’s Example:

Once upon a time there was a man with no legs. His name was Emmett. One morning, Emmett went for a jog. In the afternoon, he stood in line at the post office. And in the evening, he performed stand-up comedy. It was easy for him, on account of his missing legs. Well, they weren’t exactly missing. He knew where they were. And so did the ghost. Quite a spell ago, a neighboring poltergeist had invited him to a poker game in the afterworld. Emmett wasn’t exactly a card shark, but he certainly knew his way around the table. This natural skill upset a rather feisty ghost who desired to take the game to a higher level. The cocky ghost challenged Emmett to a personal wager. Emmett didn’t have enough to challenge the ghost’s “all in” call, but having plenty of time to strategize in the after his death the ghost was one step ahead.

“Throw in your legs and we’re even,” said the ghost. Emmett looked at his cards and thought he stood an honest chance of winning with his straight flush. But, unbeknownst to him, royal blood flushed the ghost that day and he took the pot including Emmett’s legs.

“But how will I walk around?” asked Emmett.

“Here,” said the ghost as he handed him his legs. Those at the game though only the ghost walked away a winner. They were wrong. Both of them did. Perhaps that was what the ghost had in mind all along.

For the ghost may have stud at the card table, but in the world of haunting he was a dud. No matter how many hours he spent hiding, crawling, sneaking, and booing he just never seemed to frighten his designated hauntees. But when he got his human legs, that all changed. For you see, Emmet sported quite the lead feet. This had bothered him for some time. It made long walks feel like an epic adventure, and exercise, well that was certainly out of the question. But worst of all, was his shoes. For there wasn’t a shoe maker in town who offered a size 19 and ½. Luckily, for the ghost he felt no pain, and certainly didn’t mind the dirt, bugs, and scabs. Especially, when little children and adults aliked gasped at the sight of the approaching giant legs. It was haunting heaven for the ghost, for he never had to plan a spook again. He merely walked his way around town, filled his daily quote and then spent the evening snacking on cheese and crackers as he watched the boats come into the harbor.

As for Emmett, his dead legs were life savers. He could exercise and never once had to worry about the appearance of his shoe-less feet. Emmett learned a valuable lesson at that poker game. Even if you don’t play the right hand, you may get a better set of legs. [10mins – 487 words]

3 Responses to “IMAGICISE: No legs”

  1. Jean Carlo April 13, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    The ending is a little confusing, but I like the last line. Classic.

  2. rachel December 2, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    Once upon a time there was a man with no legs. He was happy as he was in his wheelchair , for the way he lost his legs, led to a happy ending for someone he cared for. The story begins when he was on vacation with his wife and 3 and a half kids at Virgina beach where they rented a cottage every year. While his wife was out sunbathing, his oldest son was making smores on the stove, and his two other sons were rocking out to Beatles rock band. Little Fellow the family shitzu was napping by the screen glass door. The man decided to go for a jog. He told his kids he would be back shortly and to tell Mom he would be looking forward to dinner being ready at 5 o’clock on his return. The man ran for about a mile until he saw black smoke in the sky. He decided to follow the smoke. He ended up staring at cottage that was on fire. He did not see any one around. But he heard the cries of a girl screaming help. He did not think. He ran straight into the house. For the smoke was thick and he could not see, but he kept moving towards the cries for help. He felt around and finally felt a hand. He bent down and pick up the girl and carried her out to safety. The girl in tears told him that her dog Fluffy was still in there and he had to get him. The man ventured back into the cottage to retrieve the dog. Back in the cottage he heard a bark coming from behind a door. Not thinking, he opened the door. Flames shot out at him He ran and ran but it was too late. His whole body was engulfed in flames. The ambulance came , but they could not safe his legs. His legs needed to be amputated. The girl he saved became great friends with the family. The girl he saved ended up marrying his one son, and became the daughter he never had.

  3. cravevsworld December 2, 2010 at 11:29 am #

    Touching prose Rachel! Thank you for sharing!

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