“Why do I exist?” asked the blog

24 Mar

Dear Crave Writing,

Right now you’re wondering why you were published. Relax, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, this is a fair question for any blog to ponder, and I’m glad you asked.

Well CW, you exist for two reasons. First, as a writer and aspiring published author of children’s literature, I felt the need to establish myself professionally with a ‘writing friendly’ web portal, in this case you, a writer’s blog with perspectives, opinions, reviews, links, and just plain old goofy junk.

But relax little one, it’s not all about me. I had an ulterior motive. Oddly, my prime objectives are self-serving, while my ulterior reasons are quite altruistic. With my bizarre look at life, mother approved sense of humor, and experiences abroad, I felt you could offer writers something different. Let’s hope you don’t disapoint them! がんばってください, that’s Japanese for “Good luck!”

So CW, please know that you were born from love, and are worthy of life. I hope you breath it creatively each and every day for the world to enjoy, well minus the days I’m too lazy to fall out of bed.

With love and respect,

your penman

Crave Cravak

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